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10 Video Ideas for Real Estate Agents

The real estate marketing sphere is ever-changing, and videos are a great way to generate high-quality leads while boosting your online presence!

What kind of videos should you make to stand out from the pack? Keep reading to learn more about why you should make real estate marketing videos, then check out our list of ideas to get you started on creating engaging and attractive content.

Why should you make real estate marketing videos?

Videos open up a whole new world of marketing in real estate—and with the average person watching 19 hours of video online per week, consumers look for this form of content more than ever! 

If you can identify your target audienceand find creative ways to capture and keep their attention, you’ll generate leads that you may not have found otherwise—and who wouldn’t like to generate more leads?

Real estate video ideas

Now that you understand the importance of making real estate marketing videos, what type of content should you be making to start with? We’ve compiled a list of ten real estate video ideas to get you started with video marketing:

1. Realtor introduction

Creating an introduction video can put a face to the brand you’ve worked so hard to build. This type of video can help potential clients understand if your services are the right fit for their individual needs, and it can be used on all your internet platforms. 

You could even include it in a welcome email for new email list subscribers. That said, don’t make your video solely about your certifications, awards, achievements, and previous sales! Show off your personality and talk about whyyou love your work as a real estate agent.

2. First-time home buyer tips

Offering up tips to first-time home buyersin a video is a valuable resource for your prospects! Buying a home for the first time can be challenging, and the process can feel daunting. Including tips on how buyers can determine their price range, get pre-approved for a mortgage, and the importance of a home inspection will put your prospects at ease while painting you as a real estate expert.

3. Home seller tips

Potential clients looking to sell their homes want to know you’reknowledgeable and can sell a listing for top dollar.

Offering videos that explain how to price a home to sell, how to prepare for an open house, or even what you should fix before the home inspection will be valuable for leads looking to sell quickly! You can even make videos about curb appeal and how it can boost a property’s first impression and initial interest.

4. Client testimonials

As an agent, you know testimonials canwork magic by building proof of your skills as an agent while enhancing your credibility. Watching satisfied clients wax poetic about their experience with your services can attract leads while convincing them you offer the best real estate services around! You could share short, individual testimonials via social media or create a montage to be featured on your website.

5. Property listings

Get your prospects and email subscribers excited for what’s to come with a video that showcases your upcoming property listings! 

These videos are an incredible asset that can help create a sense of urgency around a property—moving potential buyers to act quickly before other buyers make their way into the picture. Keep these videos short, sweet, and to the point with high-quality shots of your property that show off a property’s best features.

6. Real estate market updates

You can position yourself as a leading expert on all things real estate if you stay up to date with the latest market trends and real estate opportunities. These videos can earn your audience’s trust if you offer industry information to the public in an easy-to-understand manner. Remember, you want to enlighten, not confuse your audience!

7. General real estate questions

The possibilities are endless for making videos addressing general real estate questions. You could talk about closing costs, how contract documents are signed, property insurance, home inspection issues, and more! Get creativeand do some digging on the most frequently asked questions in real estate.

8. Day in the life

A day in the life video is fun if you’re looking to offer up a behind-the-scenes look at life as a real estate agent.

Take your viewers through your day, showing them how you market your listings or prepare for an open house. Most people outside your sphere probably don’t know what goes into being a successful real estate agent, so this will pique their curiosity.

9. Realtor promotion

If you want to promote your brand through ads on social media platforms, creating a polished and high-qualitypromotional video is a good start. 

High-quality images and strong copy to encourage your viewers will go a long way with potential leads! Remember to mention your location, sales history, and data for your viewer’s consideration.

10. Neighborhood videos

Real estate is often a game played locally, so offering potential buyers videos on different neighborhoods in your area is one way to entice them! Provide information about specific homes, HOA rules, subdivisions, and appealing attractions to help them visualize what life is like in the area.

Let Virtuance elevate your marketing visuals

Creative lens media offers five-star professional photography services with high-quality real estate photos to feature in your real estate videos! We also offer a stock catalog of HDReal® images to attract your clients to the general locations of your listings. 

Whether you’re looking to show off a neighborhood or various property listings in your videos, Creative lens media can help you do it all.

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